Twitter gets new emoji update with Pistol changed to Water Gun

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Twitter replaces its gun emoji with a water gun

Twitter has come up with its Twemoji 2.5 update which has made a couple of changes to its earlier set of emojis. Notably, this most important of tweaks is what almost every popular tech company is coming up with. This significant tweak is that the pistol which was available in the last update has now been replaced in this latest update by a squirt gun. The other companies who have made similar changes include WhatsApp. Apple, and Samsung.

Back in 2016, it was Apple that had then removed a rifle icon from the collection of standardized icons. Later on, it decided to replace the pistol emoji with a bright green water pistol. It took the action in an attempt to condemn the promotion of gun violence. This then became a norm and several other companies also opted for it.

As Twitter users often show their sentiments through their tweets which are really vitriolic at times, the social media platform has often been accused of it. Many times, media accused it of supporting violence and even threats and physical harm. This is why; it recently changed some of its users’ guidelines and rules which it was testing on the platform sometimes back. Though the company is taking all possible steps to improve the situation, it is still criticized often.

Changing its pistol emoji is also one of its measures to support peace and to criticize violence. As recent shootings at Parkland and YouTube has brought social media usage under question and Twitter along with other social media platforms taking their steps towards curbing the negative users. This change in its emojis appears as a valid step towards stopping online aggressors and trolls from further spreading violence and threat.

The latest update not only replaces the gun but also changes how a knife looks. It is more or less a kitchen knife now, a harmless looking tool! The new knife on the icon list has a riveted handle giving it a look that’s pretty popular with chefs! Among other changes, the new set of emojis now have a new crystal ball that has a curved holding base; and the alembic which now has more detailed appearance giving it a better depth.  The changes will be available to Twitter users through its desktop and mobile apps and also through TweetDeck.