Disadvantages of Energy drinks

spinonews energy drinks

Energy drinks are not good for pre-workout or post workout.

some energy drinks have actually found to contain more caffeine causes chronic stress and anxiety. Just one 250ml energy drink can increase anxiety in young men.

Sugar Content energy drinks typically have a lot of sugar. It can leave you dehydrated, increase inflammation and lead to tooth decay and weight gain.

One of the main ingredients in Energy Drinks is Niacin

Although it has its benefits, niacin can cause dizziness, and rapid heart rate.

Moreover, you may have difficulty falling sleep and staying asleep. Lack of sleep causes impaired functioning and it can be dangerous to drive or perform other concentration heavy tasks.

Sugar and caffeine both provide temporary stimulation but can also result in long-term energy loss by stressing the adrenal glands and causing adrenal fatigue.

Caffeinated drinks can increase the heart’s contraction rates in healthy people.