Android P developer preview brings iPhone X UI

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Android P developer preview

Earlier we discuss on the release date of Android P developer preview. According to latest reports, Google is working on iPhone X-like features to its coming Android P version.

The reports explain, the Android P has run similar to the iPhone X UI, and the features will be gesture-based navigation. Also, the feature supports the notch design and the multi-camera setup. While, both designs expected on the upcoming Android smartphones that are trying hard to line up with the design of the Apple iPhone X.

Android P features

Also, Google adding features like Google Assistant deeper integration, native call recording, and signal strength hiding option for users.

Tech giant Google said, the Android P comes with a new navigation bar. While, the glimpses of navigation bar enhance with rounded back button and a pill-shaped home button. But, Google doesn’t provide the details of Android P design. However, the Android P Developer Preview did reveal that Android 9.0 will feature Private DNS mode.

New home button should be the enabler for the gesture controls on Android P devices. Additionally, the recent apps button seems to be no more placed on the bottom right of the screen while the back button disappears when a dialogue box shows up.

The action of the navigation system in Android P can be justified with more Android manufacturers leaning towards notch-design as on the iPhone X. The navigation system on Android scores zero points for Google on the creative level. Though, Apple was the first one to launch it with its latest iPhone.

Till now, the reports on the Android P are based on its similarities with the iPhone X UI, but there are more features that may score brownie focuses for Google. We wait and watch what Google wraps for Android P.