Perhaps Google says Goodbye to Inbox!

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About 3 years back Google came up with its (then) new and innovative email client. Inbox by Gmail, as named and popularly sold by Google, was what the company boldly called, “completely different type of inbox, designed to focus on what really matters.” This slogan was a great success but still, the product never got as much attention from the users as Gmail has done so far.

And now, years after its creation, all it has seen so far is stagnancy while Gmail has undergone hundreds of changes and regular updates in order to compete with various other modern email clients up on the internet market. As of now, when a rumour has it that the upcoming ‘New Gmail Design’ will include several many features right from the Inbox, it appears the product’s life is heading towards its end soon!

But what made Inbox really stand tall and strong though it didn’t gain enough popularity? The one main feature that makes it different from all the other popular email clients on the market now is its automation. Yes, Inbox works in a fully automatic way of sorting your emails into different piles under specific themes. This makes it easy to check what you are looking for. It hardly takes any time in sifting through your emails the way you find them fit. And if you plan to archive them under specific heads, you hardly need to do any tough job! Just a swipe and there you have an entire stack of the archive! Snooze feature for your emails is equally easy. So when you don’t want them you can make them disappear from your main feed but have them back in a super easy manner when you want to see them there.

Interestingly, this very feature of automation and cool snooze will soon be introduced to Gmail! That definitely sounds fascinating as this will make your Gmail experience far easier and better than it is now! Now, when Gmail, the primary email client from Google gets the feature that makes its Inbox special, what purpose will the later product really serve? This hints towards its retirement; however, Google is busy working on several different features such as smart replies and the likes on both of its clients at the same time. But again, Inbox didn’t really get any solo update for really long. If you check Gmail blog, you’ll find the last solo update that Inbox received was way back in August 2016! Also, if you are an iPhone user, you must have found that iOS Inbox app just doesn’t work great with the latest iOS updates as it has no iPhone X support.

With every next update that Gmail receives Inbox appears rather dull and boring as Gmail gets almost most of what Inbox receives! It is very likely that Google doesn’t bid its goodbye to Inbox completely. But sooner or later, it is going to see its sunset as the upcoming Gmail update is going to get you all that makes Inbox unique.