SmugMug buys Flickr in an acquisition from Oath

Spinonews SmugMug buys Flickr

Flickr’s story is no less than a story of some superstar going through a completely topsy-turvy career path or perhaps to some high budget sci-fi flick that just doesn’t get a producer! So, finally – once again – Flickr gets sold!

Its last ownership was with Yahoo! And then Oath (by the way Oath had taken over Yahoo! Telling you if don’t know it already! Last year Verizon bought Yahoo as well as AOL and later combined them both into Oath.)

This particular time was one of the most worthless ones as it was rather wasting away in languish treatment from the company which did buy it but could never make out what exactly it would do with it!

Among all its owners, SmugMug seems to handle it more professionally (perhaps, though not sure!) as it is a professional photo hosting service company. Notably, the price at which the deal got finalized is yet to be disclosed as told by USA Today in one of its reports.

The Story of Flickr

Flickr was originally created by Caterina Fake and Stewart Butterfield, way back in 2004. (Caterina is now the CEO of Slack). This interesting and innovative platform for a picture was once a prominent social platform. And as it made its place much ahead of Facebook and Twitter; both of which had later made their presence felt as social media, it definitely had an authoritative place across the ‘social web.’

But since Fake and Butterfield were not sure how much they’d be able to contribute towards its growth, they decided to sell it. So, in the year 2005 Yahoo bought it in a deal of $25 million. Though the deal was made solely for the growth of the site, it hardly ever got to see any proper growth in the hands of Yahoo! In fact, Yahoo did buy it but never could make out what exactly should it do with it. Instead of growth (as was promised to it), it rather got to see mismanagement.

Later, when Marissa Mayer came to the position, she did make a pledge that she’ll work towards making Flickr ‘awesome again’. Thus, it got some serious investments made especially for it accompanied by redesigning and makeover. It then got some great features like free photo storage capability for up to a terabyte, image recognition ability and so on.

Sadly, all these couldn’t really revive the platform to its initial position though it always remained popular among its fans and loyal users. And as the time went on, Instagram came up with more modern features and gained commendable popularity as a photo-sharing platform.

Now finally, after all these years of turmoil and neglect, this latest selling out and newest ownership looks promising. Let’s hope that it will now get handled better after all SmugMug is all about photography! But with the legacy that Flickr, a one-time big wheel has to its name, it would be a tough job for SmugMug to handle what it has bought as it nowhere stands near Flickr’s former position!