Apple core of FoundationDB now as an open-source project


Apple core of FoundationDB

On March 25, 2015 Apple has acquired FoundationDB, a company specializes in speedy, durable NoSQL database to expand iCloud infrastructure. However, Apple announced that the core of FoundationDB is now as an open-source project.

Apple believes FoundationDB can become the foundation of the next generation of distributed databases. Currently, the open-source code available on GitHub, and developers can communicate with each other on the official forums. FoundationDB built to deploy on hardware clusters, for making it easier to add machines or bounce back from device failures.

The open-source material represents the key-value store, on which layers can add to scale functionality. The Github calls it a distributed database designed to handle large volumes of structured data across clusters of commodity servers.

Following the open sourcing of FoundationDB, the company believes the quantity and variety of FoundationDB layers will develop rapidly. FoundationDB has adopted a new set of project governance rules and a code of conduct for community development.

However, Apple now has an assortment of open-source activities. Best example is its programming language Swift. While, the is mostly used for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS development.

FoundationDB is a multi-model NoSQL database, designed around a core database. The core database allowed to read or write transactions with multiple keys stored on any machine in the cluster.

Once again we repeat, the open source now available on Github starting form today, and those who wish to join the project first visit the FoundationDB community forums, submit bugs, and make commitments to the core software and documentation.