Apple to No More Manufacture its AirPort Routers


Though Apple was already not doing much for its router for more than a year now, it never officially announced its plans. According to Engadget, the company has finally made it official that it is now saying goodbye to the router business. It is all set to discontinue making any of its AirPort, AirPort Extreme, and Time Capsule routers. Apple looks forward to selling off whatever of AirPort hardware it has in its stock and till the supplies gets over. But at the same time, it will continue fixing bugs and as well as help with security patches for their devices.

It was rather inevitable for Apple to discontinue its router business as it has been doing almost nothing about its routers for quite a long time. As Bloomberg had reported back in November 2016, the company had dissolved its hardware division which was specifically meant for its routers. It is almost two years now ever since the news made its way.  Notably, the last update for 802.11ac Wi-Fi also happened way back in 2013. Ever since then, the company has slowly stopped paying attention towards its AirPort capsule routers. Also, as the modern mesh Wi-Fi systems such as Linksys Velo, Eero Google Wifi, and the likes started gaining more popularity, its demand started diminishing. Interestingly, Linksys Velop is one of the Wi-Fi systems that are sold even at the Apple stores!

Fans would definitely not like the idea, though lot cheaper and better options are already available in the market. Apple hasn’t been competitively pricing its routers lately; one can easily buy a combo of faster wireless modem-and-router at the same price at which you get AirPort WiFi routers.

With technology taking faster gallop, best of alternatives are available today. In fact, the low-end routers are pretty capable and they often prove enough for users. While the high end alternatives are far better equipped and faster. Thus, only those looking for smarter software option will actually think of investing in something like Apple AirPort router.

Apple didn’t really announce the actual reason for discontinuing the router. Yet, the reason appears quite clear that its demand is shrinking lately even though the diehard fans would always prefer an Apple product whatsoever may it be. Airport made its way in the market way back in 1999, when wireless networking wasn’t as popular as today. But as of today, Wi-Fi has become an everyday thing.

But AirPort may come back again sometime if Apple finds the situation favourable for it in future, as the company spokesperson told Engadget. This may give fans some relief, though it doesn’t seem to be really happening. Moreover, fans won’t even need an old school router in the times of HomePod!