Scientists stunned after cancelling NASA moon mission

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NASA moon mission

NASA has drops the main robotic vehicle under development to investigate the surface of the Moon. The NASA moon mission, Resource Prospector (RP), a robotic rover that had developed for about 10 years to investigate a polar region of the Moon.

NASA chief Jim Bridenstine, said, we now understand RP cancelled on 23 April 2018 and the project has asked to close down by the end of May. This activity is seen with both wariness and daunts by our group, especially Trump’s space policy guides NASA to go to the lunar surface.

Resource Prospector

The robotic rover went for investigating the polar region of the Moon, and relied upon to experience a plan review next year ahead of propelling in 2022.

RP proposed to the main mission looking for compounds like hydrogen, oxygen and water. NASA said some of the instruments on board RP would fly on future missions.

While, NASA is developing an exploration strategy to meet the agency’s expanded lunar exploration goals. Consistent with this strategy, NASA is planning a series of progressive robotic missions to the lunar surface.

As part of this expanded campaign, selected instruments from Resource Prospector will landed and flown on the Moon.

Resource Prospector instruments will go forward in an expanded lunar surface campaign. In December 2017, Trump formally directed NASA to focus its efforts on returning people to the Moon as a foundation for an eventual mission to Mars.