Microsoft Surface employee announced a new device


Another surface gadget from Microsoft to be reported in upcoming “future decoded” event at London in the month of October.

Microsoft has launched or revealed updates to its Surface lineup of PCs, tablets. Each October throughout the previous quite a long while.

Upcoming Surface device powered by an ARM processor. Microsoft announced a partnership with Qualcomm to bring Windows 10 to low-cost, low-powered ARM chips, but we haven’t seen any devices running Windows 10 on ARM yet.

An ARM-fueled Surface would surely be huge news, speaking to another endeavor by Microsoft to isolate Windows from Intel processors after its failed exertion with Windows RT.

We can just conjecture what Surface items Microsoft will uncover. Microsoft revealed a souped-up Surface Pro tablet and the all-new Surface Laptop this spring, so it’s far-fetched the organization will essentially redesign both of those items.

Yet, another Surface Book might be underway. A current Intel special video had a secretive shot of a Surface Book clad completely in dark. Given that Microsoft doesn’t at present offer a dark Surface Book, this could be an insight that another variant of the two-year-old workstation is en route.

Microsoft surface #ProductDay”

Head of Microsoft Surface Panos Panay has published on his Twitter page a picture of his desktop.

Interestingly, in the right corner of the picture Panay brazenly jammed a device. The image signed with the tag “#ProductDay” that is in the public interest. Apparently, the top Manager did and achieved.

Against this background, once again rumors about the smartphone Surface Phone. Editor in chief of WPCentral, Daniel Rubino decided to enlarge picture and once again it carefully. He drew attention to the glare on the photos. Suggested that the photographer could also use the phone Surface Phone. Panos Panay, has never been frequency of publications in social networks. His posts are mostly appear on the eve of the debut of the new products, so, I guess you could stock up on popcorn.