What Facebook Launched & Announced at F8 Conference’s Day First


Facebook’s F8 Conference started on May 1, the International Labor Day. Yesterday, on its first day, the company along with its partners and other participants came up with various exciting announcements and information about its upcoming launches, projects, and new products.

Below is a list of some of the most important announcements that Facebook made and some of the most exciting things it will soon bring to its users!


Facebook will now have an interesting dating feature. This will allow you to create a profile meant specifically for your non-friends looking for a date. So, this different version of your profile will not be visible to your regular friends and will also have a separate inbox for messaging and chatting instead of the regular messenger.

Wondering why completely separate? Simply because Facebook doesn’t want your data to be leaked to unknown people! After all the controversies it has recently faced and with present notions that the people have about it, the company doesn’t want to create any more crazy controversies! Also, it wants to help you stay careful while choosing your life partner or a date, it wants to drive “meaningful connections” for you. The project has got applauded by investors already!

Clear History

This is to do with all the uproar media and news and people have recently made. So, do you also feel Facebook is unsafe? Planning to stop using the site or have already stopped using it? Well, with this new feature on the social media site will now be far more personal and safer. Your data won’t take a flight and get around the world!

So, what exactly is this feature? This is an upcoming feature from Facebook that will allow you to delete all the data that got collected by Facebook from various different sites and apps used as a part of advertising and analytical tools. So, now with this tool, you can delete the browsing history on Facebook and stop others from getting hold of your usage data. Interestingly, Mark Zuckerberg compares it with deleting cookies from the browser history.

Now, you can feel safe to use the site again without getting your privacy violated!

Messenger is getting Simplified as well as a new Translation Feature

If you have been message chatting with your friends who speak a different language with Google Translator always open in your browser, this one will be good news for you! You won’t have to check out tons of translator apps and keep hopping from Facebook to all those apps anymore. Nor will you have to Google up every time you want to write something!  Now you will get to see your chat thread in the Messenger getting translated.

And at the same time, if you were one of those who always gets irritated by several many tabs for various different (unwanted) features such as gaming, camera usage and so on, you won’t be annoyed anymore! Yes, the Messenger is going to get a new simplified and more clear-cut form. You’ll find your entire messaging experience smooth and clutter free!

Share your Stories right on Facebook and Instagram from other Apps

So, you like to share those status updates and stories that disappear in 24 hours?  And you want to have them on all the apps that you use including your Facebook and Messenger accounts as well as on your Instagram? Then this new feature is just for you!

From various different apps like Spotify, SoundCloud, GoPro, and tons of others, you can now share your photos and videos right into your Facebook and Instagram Stories! Wondering why do you need that now of all the other things? Well, this will give you a fresher and better Snapchat like feeling and at the same time, you’ll get to create as well as discover great music around just the way they had it on Myspace.

Instagram gets new Video Chat and Anti-Bullying Feature

Yes, you’ll now be able to have a cool video chat with your friends on Instagram! And at the same time, you’ll get to stay safe from the bullies. Instagram will now include a special filter that will protect you from bullies by keeping bullying comments at bay along with that you’ll also have much improved newer Explore tab.

Facebook’s VR headset – Oculus Go gets cheaper!

If you ever appreciated Facebook’s Oculus Go, the standalone VR headset with great features but wondered whether or not to invest in it, this is just the time for you to buy it now! Yes, the headset goes cheaper! Facebook has announced Oculus Go on SALE! The 32GB version is now available at $199 while the 64GB version comes with a price tag of $249!

Facebook’s App Review Process makes a Come Back!

Facebook had stopped its app review process as a result of Cambridge Analytica controversy. But at its F8 Conference, it declared to re-open it! Now, if you are a developer, it is just the news for you!

Oculus TV

After experiencing music and words on the Go headset, it is time for you to experience movies and shows on the Go! Yes, Oculus will now offer you to watch TV right inside its latest Go headset. In the beginning, you will have a Facebook Watch, but sooner you can have some other cool apps like Netflix, Hulu, and the likes right in you Go headset!

WhatsApp to get Stickers and Group Video Calls!

If you always wanted your WhatsApp to go cool with other apps that you use with your friends, some Ginny has just heard your wish! Soon you’ll be able to have Group Video calls and enjoy the presence of your friends and family around you right at the same time. And with a new addition of cool Stickers, it will now attract more teenagers who preferred SnapChat or other apps for fun. Interestingly, WhatsApp’s Story/Status section has already left Snapchat far behind. It now has 450 million daily active users which are far ahead of a number than the users of the entire SnapChat app! To be more accurate, it is a number twice the users of the entire SnapChat app!  And now with stickers and group video being added, it will surely make SnapChat users bid their adieu to the poor app!

VR Memories and 3D Photos for your Facebook

Soon your News Feed will get 3D illustrations and models. And at the same time, your 2D photos will turn into VR memories. In short, you will have an entire 3D environment on the Facebook page! Wondering why is Facebook adding such out of the box features to the app? This is to make the app newer, fresher, and more interesting. And no doubt to bring back its users who have almost stopped using the social site ever since the latest Analytica controversy took place!