Google dedicates its First VR Doodle to French Illusionist & Director Georges Méliès

spinonews VR Doodle

Today, Google launched its first ever VR and 360 degrees interactive Doodle. If you haven’t given it a try yet, go check your Google Browser and play around the doodle for a while! It’s really interesting, cute and cool! Way back in 1912, on this very day, all time famous French silent film À la conquête du pôle (The Conquest of the Pole) was released. “Back to the Moon”, as the Doodle is named, is to celebrate the film as well as its maker, Georges Méliès, a noted French illusionist and film director. It is a collaborative work by Google Spotlight Stories (Google’s VR storytelling department), Google Art & Culture and Cinémathèque Française.

Méliès was popular for his avant-garde special effects and narrative style film techniques used in the early era of cinema. ‘A Trip to the Moon’, made in 1902, was one of his most noted films is often talked about for the usage of his unusual technique. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the present Doodle got its name from this popular film of the times! The Doodle, “Back to the Moon” has a total play time of 2 minutes in which it lets you to follow the illusionist, shown as chasing the queen of hearts. This chase is followed by many adventures in interesting setting taking you around stars and oceans.

While you watch the video, it asks you to click and drag on it. This is where your adventure starts! You get to travel in the world of unusual things surrounded by stars, the moon, outer space, strange creatures of the sea world, skeletons, ghosts, and so on. No doubt the video is interesting to watch! It entertains and mesmerizes you at the same time. All the special effects and fun captured in the doodle is to celebrate the magic of cinema and special craft of the famous illusionist Méliès.

It is indeed a jam-packed video with its option to have a 360-degrees view. While there is one central story to watch, there are various different extra animations surrounding the central theme. In fact, just one play-through of the video won’t be enough to know it all and have the real fun of it! Also, to make the complete use of 360-degree space, you really need to play it a couple of times as well as swivel the video around just to catch a better glimpse of all the action taking place in it!

Since Méliès was not only a noted illusionist literally doing magic with his films but also an amazing storyteller; it was important for the Doodle to tell you an amazing story too! Watch it wholly to follow an interesting story being played in the background of the entire video.

You can experience the magic of VR Doodle right on your mobile or by using Google Cardboard and Daydream offered by Google Spotlight Stories app. And in case you aren’t able to enjoy it to the fullest or perhaps you are missing your headset, you can even watch the interactive Doodle right on YouTube as a 360 degree video!