Todays health tip: These Foods can boost brain and memory

spinonews boost brain and memory

Boost brain and memory

Our brain is the most complex substance in the known universe. A healthy lifestyle can boost brain and memory and improves the neuroplasticity process. Also, the foods you eat play a role in keeping your brain healthy and can enhance memory and concentration. But for today’s health tip, which foods are particularly important to keep your brain happy and healthy?


  • Wholegrains – improve concentration and focus
  • Oily fish – promote healthy brain function
  • Blueberries – boost short-term memory
  • Tomatoes – prevent free radical damage
  • Eggs – delay brain shrinkage
  • Blackcurrants – reduce anxiety and stress
  • Pumpkin seeds – enhance memory and boost mood
  • Broccoli – improve brainpower
  • Sage – boost memory and concentration
  • Nuts – protect healthy brain function