Splatoon 2 with Octo expansion to be launched soon

spinonews Splatoon 2 with Octo expansion

Splatoon 2 has already received excellent post-launch support. But the new expansion just further highlights Nintendo’s ongoing devotion to the franchise.

Not a whole lot has been shown off for the Octo Expansion. Despite its launch coming in just a few months. But that changed when Nintendo shared some new footage on Twitter today.

But it promises 80 new stages and a much darker tone. Hopefully adding a hearty amount of content to the games already great single player campaign. IGN recently got to sit down with Hisashi Nogami the producer of Splatoon 2 to talk about the upcoming expansion, and it sounds like the team has been quite ambitious with this new content.

Splatoon 2 haven’t tried out multiplayer

Nogami begins by explaining how the 80 stages will have varying mission objectives. While the initial campaign was a simple A to B affair, the new campaign will task you with new kinds of challenges that encourage different kinds of play. Along with this, greater freedom over the kind of load outs you can choose for each level. With the goal being to expose players to a wider variety of weapons that they maybe haven’t tried out in multiplayer yet.

It looks to be a bit more difficult than most levels in the base campaign. The inclusion of continuous inkjet usage hopefully indicates that some creative challenges will lie in this 80 stage campaign.