Gmail App for iOS Now allows you to Send and Request Money


Wondering how to send money when you are in a hurry? How about sending it right from Gmail app? Yes, it is possible now. Google has just added this new feature on to its Gmail app for iOS! So, it is possible to send as well as received money through Google pay right from your Gmail. However, currently, this is only available for iOS users. This unique feature will allow you to send money simply with an email address and the payments will get sent or received as attachments. And to use this new feature all you have to do is download the latest updated version of your Gmail app.

So, you already have the latest version of the app and wondering how to use it for sending money? Now, simply open your app and tap on “compose.” You’ll find an “attach” option in the top right corner, simply tap on it and after that select “send money”, option. You’ll come across some instructions now. Simply following them will let you send or receive money. In case you want to request for money, you’ll just have to select the “request money” option and follow the instructions that are prompted to you.

If you are to receive any payments for the first time, you’ll first have to open the message and then tap on “transfer” to get the amount transferred to your bank. However, you’ll also need to add your debit card details for getting the money actually transferred. iOS users also have the benefit of sending money using Google Pay Send App.

This new feature works on iPhone as well as iPad. The current transaction limit for the app users, as told by Google, is either $9,999 in one transaction or a total of $10,000 through several transactions in seven days. Currently, the feature is workable only in the USA. But Google is working on the app to have it rolled out in other countries also. Therefore, in the near future, it will be available in other countries as well.