Google I/O 2018: What to expect this year?

Google I/O 2018

Google I/O 2018

Tech enthusiasts wait a couple of hours to the wonders from the tech giant. Google I/O 2018, the annual developers conference commences today at the organization’s central command in Mountain View, California.

Today, at 10AM PST, Google CEO Sundar Pichai will show Google’s upcoming product and platform innovations. In the Google I/O 2018 conference, we hope to hear a surge of news about Android, the Google Assistant, wearables, and we hope to hear a surge of news.

Android P

In March, we saw the first preview of Android P (upcoming Android mobile operating system). While, in April, Google accidentally uncovered a redesigned on-screen navigation bar for Android P. In the Google I/O 2018, we will expect the announcement of the second developer preview and expect the new features in the version.

Google I/O 2018
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We expect to see more rounded corners in the UI as well as a darker overall color palette. Also, estimate new privacy features coming to Android P. The OS will prevent third-party apps from observing your smartphone’s network activity and realize when other apps connecting to the internet.


Google said its future is in Artificial intelligence. Driving that charge has been the voice-enacted Google Assistant, which is discovering its approach to increasingly third-party products.

In the Google I/O, we should expect to hear about products like Google Lens, also the company’s TensorFlow platform and its Tensor Processing Unit chips. Those chips are the core of the company’s specially designed AI training systems, and they help the company accelerate the learning process for its neural networks.

Wear OS

Google wearable technology platform Wear OS (is previously called Android Wear). Last week, the company announced some new features for Wear OS, including updates to the Google Assistant. The voice-activated assistant now offers more reactions to your inquiries. For example, shows current weather conditions and display follow-up questions about the weather tomorrow or over the weekend.

Google I/O 2018
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In the developer conference, Google will most likely demo these highlights, and see some new ones slated to touch in the future.

Google lens

Google Lens, a visual search tool that uses the device camera to provide information about the objects it identifies through the viewfinder. While, Google announced this last year at Google I/O.

The product initially brings to the company’s Pixel telephones, but a few months back Google reported plans to convey it to more smart phones.

In the I/O, Google will release new google lens skills. The update could make the tool a more compelling way for people to launch a visual inquiry and get back important data that they can interact with further. Google Lens is another service that Google can exploit to advance Android in its fight against Apple’s iOS.

Android Tv

Google’s Chromecast dongles are useful for streaming a wide range of content from your mobile or PC to your TV, but they’re not incredible. That is the reason we eager to hear gossip about an official Android TV dongle, which supports a remote for easier navigation around the Google ecosystem applications, also the redesigned home screen for Oreo-based adaptation.