Look at Uber eVTOL: World’s first flying taxi concept

spinonews first flying taxi concept

World’s first flying taxi concept

To improve their market growth and provide the best services for customers, the raid hailing service Uber now coming with a new flying taxi concept. At its second Elevate Summit, the company unveiled the concept design of electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL), is the most recent technology news.

Uber said, the world’s first flying taxi concept aimed to bring as soon as possible. The aircraft concept is designed with a rider-first mentality. While, the capacity of the aircraft is four passengers. Also, the cost of ride about the same as an UberX trip of the same distance.

first flying taxi concept

The aircraft blades are as high as conceivable to leave room to load up and de-plane with no ducking. Its wings give shade and security from rain. Four sets of stacked propellers are committed exclusively to takeoffs and landings. Once the eVTOL gets to its coveted height, a propeller on the tail would provide thrust for going forward.

The speed of the aircraft estimates around 150-200 miles an hour and flies 60 miles on a single charge. Recharging time would be around five minutes. The aircraft will fly below 10000 ft.

Rides started by 2023

Uber last year announced the flying taxi rides started first in Los Angeles and Dallas, and the flight tests expected in 2020 and commercially started by 2023 in those cities. While, Uber has partnered with aircraft makers, Karem, Pipistrel, Boeing Aurora Flight Sciences and Embraer S.A., that are developing eVTOLs.

first flying taxi concept
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Also, NASA signs another agreement with Uber on urban air mobility. Uber will share its plans for an air-taxi rideshare system and NASA will use its airspace-management computer modeling and simulation technologies to evaluate the effect of the small aircraft in crowded areas.

The concept includes skyports that would serve as hubs for the aerotaxis. The UberAir vision places skyports at strategic locations. The skyport model manages noise pollution, trip routing and flight planning, coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration and local air control.

first flying taxi concept
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The company initially outlined plans for air taxis and on-demand urban aviation in 2016. Uber said, riders would get faster service, one that would save lots of driving time and not restrict to fixed routes.

After Uber bringing this concept, several other companies are trying to develop this kind of aerial devices.