Microsoft starts Digital Gifting Programs including Xbox One Titles & PC games


Up till now, one could buy Xbox One games and other gaming programs from Microsoft only for themselves and not for their loved ones. The only option was to suggest the game to your friends or pay them for the purchase. But from now, it will be possible for you to buy and gift them your favourite games! So, simply buy your favourite games and transfer them to your friends and family!

Microsoft has just announced that it is starting up with a special expansion of its digital game gifting program! This will include the PC titles as well as PC game content such as map back, in-game skins, and the likes. But Microsoft’s expansion plans don’t stop just here! Apart from the above mentioned items, it is also all set to offer existing console game gifting program expansion that will include all the Xbox One games!

If you are one of those avid gamers who have always wanted to play your favourite games with your friends, it is just the time for you to do this! Earlier, one could only buy a couple of (selected) Xbox One titles and gift others. And when it came to downloadable content and subscriptions, it was limited as well such as Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. But now, you can buy your favourite items for your friends and family and enjoy playing with them!

Although the program doesn’t mention any limitations clearly, yet Microsoft doesn’t appear to be allowing you to gift away all the software you already own. It isn’t really a game sharing program as one would think it to be. Anyway, it is a kind of game purchase kind of option. So, you can buy the digital software for your friends and family.

Sadly, there are some other restrictions as well. If you are looking for discounted products to save some money, here you have the two-title limit and you can purchase them in a 14-day period. Also, you cannot gift Xbox 360 and Xbox original games.

Nor can you gift someone the pre-orders for new titles. And if you have tons of free games on your name or have collected tons of DLC content or some of those virtual currencies are piling up with you, sorry, you cannot gift them away!

But if you are keen enough to buy new games and for your loved ones, you have the chance now. The PC game-gifting program is available now, right from today and within no time it will also include all the Xbox One games as a part of the expansion. But if you aren’t sure about how to buy and gift the programs from Microsoft Store or through Xbox Live, it would be better to check the company’s blog post first.