New Apple joint venture project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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New Apple joint venture project

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions from phones, tech giant Apple bring a new project. The new Apple joint venture project that could revolutionize in the making of iPhones and other products.

Since the launch of its first flagship, Aluminum is the key material in making of its devices. But, the impact of its product goes wrong. The emission from its products damages the environment. To reduce this impact, the company announced a greener aluminium technology. This new technology eliminates the greenhouse gases by smelting process.

In the traditional aluminium smelting process transforms aluminum oxide into useable aluminum and produces pollution. But, the new technology eliminates all greenhouse gas emissions and produces pure oxygen.

New Apple joint venture project
Source: 9to5mac

Apple CEO Tim Cook said, the company committed to introduce advanced technologies that are good for the planet and help protect it for generations to come. To bring this technology, Apple has invested $13 million Canadian dollars in Elysis, a joint venture created by aluminum giants Alcoa and Rio Tinto.

Aluminium smelting technology

The new smelting technology was developed by Alcoa. While, the company holds 40 patents related to the technology, and produces around 700 metric tons of aluminum through the process.

The next stage, where Rio Tinto comes in, is scaling the technology to deliver it in higher volumes. Rio Tinto expertise in smelting technology development and commercialization, with a big sales force to push it with clients.

Elysis technology brings down working expenses by 15 percent and expands production by a similar rate. The new joint venture will use 100 individuals.

Alongside its interest in Elysis, Apple plans to give the joint venture technical support of supply chain operations. While, Elysis hopes to offer the technology to the market by 2024.