Todays Health tip: Simple cardio exercises for older people

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The older generations need to maintain and overcome age related health issues like hypertension, blood pressure, diabetics. So older people can perform simple cardio exercises up to their strength to achieve good health benefits.


Walking for older people who haven’t been exercising regularly. As a low-impact activity, strengthens the bones to prevent age-related conditions like osteoporosis and builds muscle tone


Jogging typically considered a moderate-intensity activity. It is the next step up from walking. It’s also a weight-bearing activity, but it’s a bit more high impact so it puts more pressure on the joints for older people.


Running is a faster pace than jogging typically faster than 4 miles per hour. Its increased speed makes it a vigorous activity that’s also high-impact, so it can put a lot of stress on the hip, knee and ankle joints.


Swimming is suitable for almost every person of any age and fitness level. While providing an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise and total-body muscle conditioning.


Yoga is usually thought of as a muscle-toning and stretching activity, but certain styles of yoga can raise the heart rate and provide cardiovascular benefits similar to other more traditional forms of cardio.

These exercises provide a heart-pumping workout that also offers benefits for muscle tone, flexibility and balance, all of which are crucial for adults as they age.