Texas doctors successfully implant a new ear in patient lower arm

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Implant a new ear

For the first-time Texas doctors have implant a new ear on to a patient after growing it in her arm. Private Shamika Burrage, a 21-year-old soldier, lost her left ear after suffering head injuries in a car crash in 2016.

Two years after her accident, plastic surgeons recreate another ear that was grown from her own cartilage and tissue.

Doctors said, ear remaking is a kind of plastic surgery that led to recreate or modify total ear defects because of cancer, congenital hypoplasia, or trauma. These types of medical cases, people with prominent ears may also have such surgeries.

There are different strategies for treating ear defects. An otoplasty may be the choice for people with conspicuous or deformed ears, regardless of whether it is a consequence of a birth defect or traumatic damage.

Ear reconstruction surgery

In this methodology, the ears surgically modified to have the shape, position, or size changed. This procedure, ear reconstruction surgery, can possible at any age, but some have had the system done as early as the age of three.

implant a new ear
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In these cases, when a patient may require total ear reconstruction, they may opt to have artificial ears made and implanted. However, in most cases, patients implanted with ears that made from their own cartilage and tissue.

Although plastic surgery methods regularly connected with cosmetic techniques, plastic surgery differs from cosmetic surgery in that its emphasis is on the reconstruction of body defects though cosmetic methodology centered on improving a person’s appearance.

The way towards growing an ear in the lower arm pioneered at Johns Hopkins University and first did in 2012.