Todays health tip: All types of Aerobic exercises

spinonews types of aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercise is also known as cardio exercise is a good way to your heart. The todays health tip is beneficial in preventing the odds of diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and depression. This exercise is useful for your physical fitness and mental health. While, there are many types of aerobic exercises and now we are presenting those.

types of Aerobic exercises

Cycling – eco-friendly type of aerobic exercise that works for your cardio fitness also your mental fitness

Swimming – keeps your whole body fit and enhances your psychological capacities

Walking – 30 minutes daily can build your life span up to 10 days

Running – improves your heart and bone health also burn calories

Spot jogging – improves heart rate to regulate fat and calories burning capacity

Stair climbing – lose weight faster

Aerobic dance – improves your mental health

Cross Country Skiing – improves cardiovascular fitness and controls blood pressure

Skipping – get effective results in weight loss

Hiking – improve mental health by reducing stress and depression