Windows 10 to Include a File Explorer Dark Mode & all new Cloud Clipboard

spinonews Cloud Clipboard

Cloud Clipboard

Today, Microsoft was found testing a newer frame for Windows 10 (namely build 17666) that included a set of new features! The company is planning to make these newer features available sometimes by the later part of this year.

Among all the other exciting additions, one that is perfectly awesome is all new cloud-powered clipboard which will allow the users to take the content from their clipboard to anywhere on their devices! And perhaps to Android and iOS devices too (it is still a presumption though!)

This all new Cloud Clipboard will keep a copy of all that you have ever copied just the way browser history does. And this history will be capable of being synced just the way Sets and Timelines are capable of. In short, users will get to copy and paste from one PC onto another in a quick and easy way!

Dark Theme File Explorer

Apart from Cloud Clipboard, Microsoft has in its offer another coolest feature for you! It is introducing a really cool dark theme for File Explorer that will prove a great match for the dark user interface of the Windows 10! However, the new frame doesn’t yet offer an entire version of the dark theme.

At the moment, it is simply testing how exactly it will look in Windows 10 in the real. There is great news for developers also as Microsoft is all set to introduce minor changes to Notepad which will let the developers to use Unix or Linus line endings or LF as well as Macintosh line endings or CR right into the app.

Along with this, it will also be possible to highlight words in the Notepad or simply use any keyboard shortcut or items from the context menu for searching the word right on Bing.

There are also other slight bits of changes here and there. Its Fluent Design will also get to see some changes in Windows 10’s latest test version. So, you will now find an acrylic title bar in the Sets.

Also, one can now use latest Microsoft Edge tabs for switching between the Alt-Tabs. It will also be possible to disable the all new Alt-Tab making changes in the multitasking settings. And this doesn’t just stop here as it includes the all new screenshot tool for Windows 10!

Wondering when will you actually get to use all these interesting new features in the real? Well, as of now, the new Windows 10 build 17666 is all set for use though only for the Fast Insiders! And the rest of the world will get to use it sometimes by the later part of this year! So, you will have to wait for a while before you really get to try it all!