Google Duplex: AI voice response technology

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Google Duplex

Earlier, Tech giant Google announced their upcoming products and innovations at the Google I/0 2018 event. At the event, the company introduced the ‘Google Duplex’ is an AI voice response technology.

Google said, Google Duplex working on a way for users to give a time and date to Google Assistant, which would able to call and set up an appointment.

Sundar Pichai, Google CEO showed how it would work. During the call, it sounds like a real human and without recognizing itself, implying that if anybody speaking it believes it is a genuine human.

Google Duplex
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Response of the feature

While, the response of this feature getting some doubts. Many tech enthusiasts said, this feature is immoral, if it didn’t clarify it was a robot and that features deceived people into think they are real could cause problems later on. Also said, it traps the people who use it.

Google said, the phone calls are real and spoke positively about how the feature able to route its way around any problems thrown up gracefully. In Google’s initial demo, the Google Duplex voice sounded entirely natural.

While, Google responded about the criticism of the feature. It has received criticism from a range of enthusiasts, who argue that more thought needs to give to the ethical questions around the tool.

In addition, the misleading, Google seemed to infer that it may be conceivable to blend any person’s voice into a personal assistant. While, currently the feature is not available in any customer product. But, Google said it had been working on it for years and recommended it could be enabled soon.