Todays Health tip: Know more about Anaerobic exercise

spinonews Anaerobic exercise

Anaerobic exercise does not burn so many calories as aerobic exercise.

It is also less important in cardiovascular fitness. But, it is much better at building overall strength, muscle mass and gain good health benefits.

Anaerobic exercise will also increase the maximum amount of oxygen you use during exercise, improving your cardio and respiratory fitness.

Types of anaerobic exercise

There are two types isometrics and isotonics. Doing isometric exercises causes your muscles to contract without joint movement while you exert force against an immovable object.

Isotonic exercises include weightlifting, during which your muscles move through their entire range, and calisthenics, such as pushups, in which your own weight acts as resistance.

These exercise will also increase your endurance and the ability to stand fatigue.

Because building muscles takes a lot of energy, anaerobic exercises can also help with weight loss.

Increased lean muscle mass boosts metabolism, again helping with the weight loss and the decrease in body fat.