Todays health tip: Improve your fitness with Stability exercises

spinonews Stability exercises

Stability exercises

The health-related physical fitness, Stability training refers to performing exercises with the goal of activating stabilizers and trunk muscles. Stability exercises can be used for treatment of patients with low back pain.

The todays health tip improves balance and neuromuscular control and also prevent injury to the knee and ankle joints. While, doing stability ball exercises will keep the body strong through a full range of motion. Here, we present some stability ball exercises.

Stability ball exercises

  • I-Y-T shoulder raise
  • Stability ball jackknife
  • Stability decline push-up
  • Russian twist
  • Stability ball hamstring curl
  • Stability ball deadbug
  • V-pass
  • Single-leg stability ball hip thrust
  • Stability ball wall squat
  • Stability ball rollout