All About Google One – the Service All Set to Make Paid Storage Plans cheaper!

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Wondering what on earth is Google One? If you are not already aware of it, let’s start with a small introduction.

What exactly is Google One?

It is one of the latest services from Google which is all set to get launched with the sole aim of upgrading Google Drive storage plan. So, any user who currently uses Google Drive storage plans will soon be using Google One in the stead of their current drive. However, at the moment, this upgrade will not occur to G Suit customers. In other words, it will work only for those who use the consumer plans meant for Google’s cloud storage locker. Though eventually, business oriented consumers will be targeted.

This brand new service from Google aims at removing the premium storage plans. More specifically, it is all set to replace the plans offered under the name of Google Drive, the one for which you have to pay.

The all new Google One will offer different storage capacities starting from 100GB to as massive as 30TB. So, you can store all those huge and hefty media files without having to worry! It is interesting to note that it is not just about storing bigger files or owning more storage capacity in the cloud for storage. Instead, it is far more than just that. To cut it short, it is Google’s plans to offer far above than what Google Drive could offer you both in terms of storage and features and as well as in terms of support and other facilities.

What makes it different?

It is going to work like a nifty little thing offering in tons! First of all, to allure new users, it will offer several many offers, deals and discounts. Who doesn’t like those freebies? Next, it will prove a boon for those who aren’t that savvy with techie stuffs. With its “one-tap access to experts” customer support program as described by the Google, no one will have to struggle with techie issues. Do you have an issue? No worries, you’ll have support and help right there! The support with live chat option will leave you with all your queries answered and all your problems solved! Finally, it is a unique plan with a possibility for an entire family for storing their files and data out there! Google One could be shared by an entire family of up to five members. Though the plan will remain a joint venture, yet each member of the family will have his or her own individual private area for storage within the joint storage plan!

How will it affect the paid storage plans?

Well, with Google One, consumers will have access to storage plans which are perfectly low-cost as it will be almost half the price of 2TB storage option from Google. If you opt for 200GB of storage plan, all you’ll have to pay is $2.99 per month. While the 2TB storage plan that would generally cost you about $19.99 for a month will now be available for just $9.99 per month. The 1TB plan which was available earlier and used to cost $9.99 per month is also getting removed with the launch of this brand new storage service. However, other bigger storage plans of 10, 20, or 30 TB will still remain the same with no visible changes made to them.  But this shouldn’t really matter as the cheapest available plan will cost merely $1.99 a month and will offer a storage option of 100GB.

And finally, if you are one of the niggardly consumers who would always look for best of offers available for free; there is a plan for you too! One who doesn’t want to spend at all yet want some storage space for keeping their files safe also have an option, though not with a very huge space! One still have 15GB storage option that won’t cost a thing! However, if you are looking forward to get the upgrade, it will first hit those who already pay for the Google Drive storage services with an email confirming the changes made within no time.