Todays Health tip: Unbelievable Collagen benefits for body

spinonews Collagen benefits

Collagen in the body made up of amino acids which wrap together to make a triple-helix structure. Follow the below collagen benefits to maintain good health.

Collagen benefits

There are over forty different types of collagen throughout the body that vary in their composition and function, but Type 1 collagen is the most abundant collagen in our body.

180 days of collagen supplementation resulted in improvements in hair volume, scalp coverage, shine, and thickness. Skin moisture and smoothness also improved.

Copper also a good source, and copper is one of the minerals important for forming collagen.

Vitamin C is required for the proper formation of collagen

Collagen is also a major component of bones. As we age, collagen production decreases in our bones, which decreases bone density.

Smoking tobacco can decrease collagen production. Smokers produce 18% less collagen type I and 22% less collagen type III in their skin than non-smokers.

Stress can indirectly lead to accelerated skin aging and poor wound healing by decreasing collagen.

A lot of people report quick results by consuming gelatin. A scoop-per-day of gelatin could do miracles for your health.