Wi-Fi EasyMesh Networks to ease Connectivity issues in Homes

spinonews Wi-Fi EasyMesh

We use smart appliances with advanced technology in our homes by utilizing the wireless networks to experience its features. To overcome connectivity issues Wi-Fi Alliance has announced new project known as Wi-Fi EasyMesh.

Wireless routers cannot transmit the signal for every corner of the space. With consistency and high quality to all the connected devices. Isn’t better to have unified frequency with multiple access points at indoor and outdoor spaces. The Wi-Fi Alliance, an industry organization that certifies devices to show that they work with the other gadgets.

Why WiFi-EasyMesh?

The Wi-Fi EasyMesh networks employ multiple access points that work together to form a unified network. It provides smart, efficient Wi-Fi throughout the home with different nodes (routers) as protocol is indifferent to who made the device.

Wi-Fi EasyMesh networks utilize multiple APs that work together to ensure all areas of the home have complete Wi-Fi coverage and adapt to changing network conditions to deliver a consistent, high quality user experience. While allowing the addition of other Wi-Fi EasyMesh APs from a variety of vendors.


Wi-Fi EasyMesh Vs Mesh networks

However, the difference is that Wi-Fi Home Design helps identify the best locations for each AP in a home. Whereas Wi-Fi EasyMesh defines the protocols used for intra-AP communication to establish a smart, self-forming network.

Moreover, the wireless devices of 802.11n version supports the Wi-Fi EasyMesh Aps. EasyMesh networks enable the use of other connectivity technologies supported by the IEEE 1905.1 protocol.

Further, EasyMesh systems empower users to include a suitable number of access points to provide necessary full home coverage.