Easy ways to make toddler’s sleep

spinonews toddler's sleep

Making toddler’s sleep can be a difficult time for both parents and child. Sleep regressions, cold weather, illness and transitioning from a cot to a bed.

A recent study has examined an interesting and surprisingly gentle technique that hasn’t had a lot of attention. But perhaps deserves some air time.

Research by Flinders University published in Sleep Medicine. It evaluates the efficacy of bedtime fading to reduce sleep disturbances in preschool aged children.

They used a group parent education format to study 21 children aged one to four years who experienced difficulty falling asleep, remaining asleep, or both. They paid particular attention to the length of time it took for the preschooler to fall asleep, to wake up again, and number of bedtime tantrums.

You never want to send your child to bed hungry, light snacks of fruit and porridge are fine to give them a full tummy. Avoid big meals right before bedtime, this will provide them with more energy and they’ll end up wanting to play rather than sleep

Children thrive with routine, so make sure you have a set plan before bed. Whether this is bath or story time, they’ll know what the next step is and will be prepared for it. It won’t take long for your child’s body to automatically start getting tired throughout this routine as they prepare for bed.

Over stimulating children with TV and games effecting toddler’s sleep

keep their brain too active to calm down and drift off to sleep. Give at least two hours before bedtime before shutting of the TV.

Your child’s bedroom is where they play, read, sleep and spend a significant amount of time. Help them differentiate bed time from the rest of the time they spend in their bedroom. Tucking them into bed keep the room dark, however a use of a night- light might be needed.

Facing bed-time alone can be daunting for kids, arm them against the monsters under the bed with a teddy bear. This will help them feel comforted and help them drift off to sleep quicker.