Apple A12: Next-Gen processor for upcoming iPhones

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Upcoming iPhones

Global smartphone market leader, Apple has already announced their production of upcoming iPhones. Now, Apple announced that the company’s manufacturing partner Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) has started production of next-generation processors for 2018 iPhones.

Some reports stated, the 7-nanometer Apple A12 is the next generation processor. In current Apple devices, iPhone 8 and iPhone X, have 10-nanometer chip used for the A11 processors. The A12 chipset is smaller, faster and more capable than the 10nm chip. With 7 nm processors, the battery life, performance of apps, among other things will improve.

Specifications of Apple A12

In single-core tests, the A12 chip score 5,200 points and on multi-core test gets 13,000 points. This denotes an increase of 24-30 percent on the performance side when compared to the A11 chip. But, when the phones officially released, we will need to comparison of our own to see how close the results were.

upcoming iPhones
Source: Business insider

While, TSMC had already started the production of 7 nm chips in April but doesn’t reveal about the production. However, Apple’s rival Samsung had already committed to partnering with Qualcomm to produce 7 nm chips with support for 5G networks.

In the production of 10 nm and 14 nm advancements, both Samsung and Qualcomm have been maintaining close ties through foundry business.

Three upcoming flagships

To start this latest chip technology, TSMC invests more than $10 billion to extend its production facility, includes a R&D Centre. While, Apple planning to release three new iPhones. The two devices come with OLED screens and another come with an LCD display.

The OLED display devices have 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch screens, and LCD display device a 6.1-inch screen. In all three devices, Apple is implementing a TrueDepth camera system to support FaceID. While, the Apple’s FaceID framework may available on less expensive gadgets.