Todays Health benefit: More about Tofu proteins for good health

spinonews Tofu food

Tofu food made of condensed soy milk that pressed into solid white blocks. It originated in China, and the process is quite similar to how cheese is made. A highly preferred food for health benefits.

Most of the world’s soybeans currently grown in the US, and a very large proportion genetically modified.

Tofu is high in protein, and contains all the essential amino acids your body needs. It also contains fats, carbs and a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.

However, soaking or cooking soybeans can inactivate or eliminate some of these ant nutrients.

Soybeans contain natural plant compounds called isoflavones.

Fermentation can also reduce anti-nutrients. For this reason, make sure to add fermented probiotic soy foods to your diet, such as miso, tempeh, tamari or natto.

These isoflavones function as phytoestrogens, meaning that they can attach to and activate estrogen receptors in the body.

This produces effects similar to the hormone estrogen, although they are weaker.