Amazon Map Tracker allows customers to follow Package Delivery in Real Time


Amazon came up with an interesting and useful feature, perhaps last month, but pretty secretly that not many people got to know about it for long. However, it is no more a secret as Android Police recently reported about it and CNET gave further confirmation to the piece of news. Notably, the feature is only available in the US at the moment.

Also, it was available to only a limited number of users when it just came into being and now it is expanding and is available among more users, though within the US alone.
So, what exactly is the feature all about and how is it useful?

Well, if you are an Amazon user, it will give you a real-time map of the Amazon package delivery right at the time when it is in transit. This will actually bring to you a small dot on the screen just like the way you get to see while monitoring incoming driver from Uber or Lyft. The feature actually got its launch last year though not with much fanfare.

If you are one of those Amazon users who get super excited the moment when you have ordered some stuff and just can’t wait till it really arrives, it is just the feature for you! Your obsession to know about the exact moment when your thing will get delivered and how far it has really reached will be perfectly answered.

It is not just cool and interesting but also very practical as you can simply check exactly how long will the mail guy take to reach you with your order as you can even check how many stops or deliveries will he come across before finally reaching you.B

ut at the same time, it is notable that it works only for the packages that you have ordered to be delivered by Amazon’s own logistic network and not when your package is to reach you through other similar logistics such as UPS, USPS or FedEX, etc.

Talking about this new and unique feature Amazon spokesperson Alana Broadbent told CNET, “The Amazon Map Tracking feature is another delivery innovation we are working on to improve convenience for our customers and provide them greater visibility into their deliveries.”

Apart from this fascinating feature, Amazon is almost always trying to improve its delivery experience for the users. It has been showing a keen interest in improving the ways in which customers get to track the delivery of their packages. Sometimes back it included a feature which would take photos of the front door of the customer just to alert them that their package has finally reached the destination.