World’s richest man going to create a moon colony for human colonists


Moon colony for human colonists

The world’s richest man and also the CEO of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announce big shocking news that his private space travel company Blue Origin is going to create a moon colony for human colonists and the earth’s heavy industry within decades.

Bezos expressed, Blue Origin will work with NASA and European Space Agency. However, occupying moon is only a piece of the master plan in his brain. What’s more, that incorporates people working in hollowed-out asteroids.

The tech giant said, we could use the earth for living and lightweight industry while the industry would move to solar-powered space stations. This could occur may be the 100 years because we have so much energy to do things we currently do on earth in space.

Source: flickr

This is really the need considering the fast pace at which the earth’s assets are abused. But, why Moon? Because its strategically located and effortlessly reaches. In addition, stores of ice have found closest to the moon’s pole that could turn into drinkable water and charges for rockets.

Bezos Blue Origin

Blue Origin is planning a lunar lander equipped for conveying 5 tons of payload to the Moon. No more to transport people. But, if the moon lander needs to take its maiden flight by mid-2020s. The company goes for a public-private association with NASA to accomplish its objectives.

Bezos also admires the European Space Agency’s idea of a ‘Moon Village’ where different nations working in balance could have their lunar stations in close proximity.

While, Bezos spends a big lump of his money to fuel Blue Origin and his space aspirations. So, he would do until the point that other individuals assume control over the vision.