Apple Watch saves another man’s life

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Apple Watch

After the New York incident, now Apple watch saves another man’s life. Kevin Pearson, a 52-year-old from Cockermouth in the north of England, was faced this situation when reading a book. In that situation, the apple watch recommending that he could be having a heart attack.

While, he doesn’t feel any symptoms. He did as the Watch instructed and sat down as it measured his heart rate for the next few minutes, watching it quickly drop and rise as high as 135bpm and as low as 79bpm.

Apple watch
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According to Doctors

Luckily, Mr Pearson is already at the hospital. Doctors told him that there did appear to something wrong in atrial fibrillation. He said, Doctors still aren’t precisely sure what caused Mr Pearson’s unusual heart rate. But, the same readings could have been an indication of a heart attack, blocked arteries, or something else incredibly serious.

While, Doctors still are in the confusion stage for what caused Mr Pearson’s strange heart rate. But, the medical reports show his health care could have been an indication of a heart attack, blocked arteries.

The victim said that, the appreciation towards a watch is mostly a comfort until it turned into a potential lifeline. I used my Apple Watch for calendar events, to finish its targets by exercising, and using it to lose weight. I didn’t know it could caution you if it was too high. That gratitude led Mr Pearson to write to Tim Cook and thank him for the Watch.