Get ready guys, Rockstar Games coming to Xbox One backward compatibility


Xbox One backward compatibility

American video game publisher Rockstar Games are adding three of its Xbox 360 games, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Midnight Club: Los Angeles and Table Tennis to the Xbox One backward compatibility. The three games will be coming to Xbox One on June 7th.

San Andreas is the most favorite game and also highest selling game in the GTA series. Midnight Club: Los Angeles is a racer that came out in 2008, and it is the last title in the series to be released. Table Tennis is a realistic simulation of the sport table tennis.

Source: Rockstar Games twitter

For San Andreas, both original Xbox and Xbox 360 have backward compatible. While, the original Xbox games will not transfer, however the owner will get the upgraded Xbox 360 version. Also, the original Xbox and Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition will be compatible on Xbox One.

While, some PlayStation users not satisfied with this news. Because the games aren’t going to be compatible with the PS4.

However, the three games will available through backwards compatibility on next week. Users can download the games from the ‘Ready to Install’ section of their Xbox One. Also, you can purchase at retailers with the price of around $15. Physical game owners can simply pop the Xbox 360 game disc or Xbox game disc.