Todays Health Benefit: Types of sugars for good health

spinonews Types of sugars

Sugars interferes with hormones in your body that regulate hunger and satiety. This can lead to increased calorie intake and weight gain.

It also harms your metabolism, which can lead to increased insulin and fat storage. In fact, many studies have found a strong link between sugar and obesity. People who consume the most sugar are far more likely to become overweight. Obese than those who consume the least.

Raw and Unrefined Sugar

Raw and unrefined sugar, on the other hand, still retains natural nutrients such as iron, magnesium, etc. and is therefore a better choice. This natural granulated sugar is golden in colour, tastes almost like honey and is free of any kind of chemicals or pesticides.

Organic Sulphur less White Sugar

Sugar processing units use sulphur to remove impurities from sugar crystals. Some quantities of sulphur retained in the sugar crystals. Consumed over a period of time, could lead to health hazards.

Demerara sugar

Demerara sugar is a kind of natural brown sugar which is light brown in colour, large-grained, chunky and raw, containing residual molasses. Meanwhile, partially processed made from the first crystallization of cane juice to sugar crystals.

Organic Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is definitely a healthier option than refined white sugar. Processed completely natural way to maintain much of the sugarcane’s natural nutrition as possible. Including vitamins and minerals. However, it has a caramel flavour and you can use this brown sugar to sweeten various hot beverages. Flavour desserts like candies, cakes and other bakery items.

Palm Sugar Crystals

Coconut or palm sugar is sweetener extracted from the sap present in the flower buds of the coconut palm tree. It is known as natural sugar because it involves minimum processing and no chemicals are used.