Todays health tip: Stretches for lower back pain

spinonews lower back pain

Stretches for lower back pain

Lower back pain is the second most expensive disorder in the U.S. Indeed, for many people, a lower back problem represents a lifestyle problem. While, it can cause by serious conditions, such as inflammatory arthritis, spondylolisthesis, endometriosis and fibromyalgia. Stretching for lower back pain should be gentle and address fascial release, mobility. So, there are some stretches to overcome the Todays health tip.


  • Supine Hamstring Stretch
  • Two Knee Twist
  • Yoga Cat
  • Piriformis Seated Stretch
  • Hip Flexors Stretch
  • Quads Lying Down Stretch
  • Downward Facing Dog
  • Upward Forward Bend
  • Lizard Lunge
  • Supine Hip Flexor Stretch
  • Cobra Stretch