Tomorrow, NASA reveal the results of Mars Curiosity rover

Mars Curiosity rover

NASA Mars Curiosity rover

The American space agency NASA is going to reveal about the findings of its curiosity rover on Mars. While, NASA mars curiosity rover launched on 2011 to investigate on the climate and geology of the red planet. Recently, the rover counted its 2,000th Martian day, which is 2,054 Earth days, and despite some drilling failures since that have solve.

While, NASA arranges a live discussion to announce the results of the Mars Curiosity rover. The live will telecast on NASA television at 2PM on tomorrow, June 7.

drilled samples on Mars

While, the rover is exploring planet Mars since it landed in August 2012, recently the rover analyzed drilled samples on Mars.

Mars Curiosity rover
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Jim Erickson, project manager of the Mars Science Laboratory mission, said, the Curiosity rover is part of the MSL science mission. To drill rocks on Mars, JPL’s engineers had to create a new way for the rover after a mechanical problem occurs on December 2016.

The drilling method’s fruitful enhancements can productively keep considering the 3-mile-high Mount Sharp at the center of Gale Crater. The mission’s main intention is whether the planet able to support microbial life.

After studying the collected rock samples, scientists identified key chemical ingredients of life on the planet, such as sulfur, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and carbon. Also, the Mars Curiosity rover measured spikes in methane, which may be a result of interaction of water and rock.

Are you interested to participate in the live, post your questions on social media with the hashtag #askNASA.