Amazon Fire TV Cube with Alexa voice assistantance for entertainment

spinonews Amazon fire TV cube

Now, the two products smart Echo and Fire stick merged in the form of the Amazon Fire TV Cube.

The Amazon fire TV it’s a cube shape formed box you connect to your TV. It runs the applications like Netflix, Hulu, PlayStation Vue, HBO Go, Sling and Amazon’s Prime Video benefit. Also, similar to the previous Fire TV Stick and Fire TV box. You can talk with Alexa for films and shows.

Fire TV Cube is basically a full-highlighted Echo. Continuously tuning in for the Alexa wake word, and you can also interact with it when your TV is off. The new box has eight receivers worked in like existing Echo equipment. It implies you can address Alexa at whatever point you need. In addition explore the Fire TV Cube’s interface with your voice.

The major functionality of Fire TV Cube is the manner by which it works with other home theater gadgets you may have in your space. The smooth glass sides of gadget conceal a multidirectional IR blaster. The Cube additionally underpins the more present day CDC (by means of HDMI) innovation, so the Cube can control up your TV, music system and cable box, in the event that you need it to.

The Amazon Fire TV Cube’s voice search is more fit than past devices. A decent control over the previously mentioned link box. Once the set-top box remembers it, it fundamentally acts like a remote.

Amazon says that the Cube compatible to boxes from Comcast, Dish and DirecTV and that 90 percent of households with cable or satellite TV should be covered. Amazon is even including an IR extension cable that you can place next to your cable box. That lets the Cube turn it on and off when the two devices aren’t in watched.

Messaging and voice calls aren’t supported with Amazon Fire TV Cube

In case you’re more disposed to utilize an over-the-top TV benefit like PlayStation Vue or Hulu’s live TV, Alexa will work with that as well. On the off chance that you ask for a particular system, channel or show, the Fire TV Cube will seek through whatever administrations you’ve snared, including ones that give live TV. Messaging and voice calls aren’t supported, as the company wanted to focus on entertainment first.

The Amazon Fire TV Cube can do essentially everything else you would do with your voice. With the special reward of not holding down a catch on your remote. However, Cube accompanies the standard Amazon remote for when you would prefer not to talk. As chance that you would like to utilize the voice catch. The UI has been marginally changed, taking a few signs from the Echo Show.

It’ll deliver on June 21st, and Prime clients can pre-arrange today and tomorrow and get the Cube for $89.99.