Accidents at high in Jurisdictions that have legalized Marijuana

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A public health survey by Canada has reported that no improvement in rate of accidents with states legalizing marijuana in US.

The study by a group of doctors and researchers from by the University of British Columbia released to the public.

Road accident deaths in Washington and Colorado didn’t change significantly after legalization there.Compared to eight other states that didn’t legalize.

In both states, the number of drivers killed in accidents who tested positive for THC rose significantly after legalization. Since THC detected up to a month after using pot. However, not clearly linked to a later accident.

Intoxicated with THC or cannabis

The tests cannot indicate whether someone was using or intoxicated with THC or cannabis at the time of the accident. There isn’t a clear relationship between impairment and the level of a substance in the body when it comes to marijuana.

We know people may have THC in their bloodstream. But they may not have impaired at the time of the crash, says Rebecca Haines-Saah of the University of Calgary.

It’s because of the way THC is stored in the fatty tissue is highly variable, based on body composition. You can have it in your bloodstream from anywhere from 72 hours to up to 30 days, depending.

Jurisdictions that have legalized medical and recreational use of cannabis have experienced increases of about nine per cent in drivers testing positive for cannabis, alcohol and other drugs when compared to pre-legalization numbers, according to the report.

The U.S. experience also showed a fall in alcohol-related road deaths in states that legalized medical marijuana. Both saw drivers impaired by marijuana as generally a lesser evil than drivers impaired by alcohol.