Seagate announced exclusive Xbox SSD at E3 2018

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Seagate has announced its new Seagate Xbox SSD that’s been designed exclusively for Xbox One at E3 2018. E3 is the world’s largest exhibition for the games industry.

The new Game Drive seagate Xbox SSD a flash-speed SSD storage drive designed exclusively for Xbox One. Delivering fast gaming performance and convenient portability. The officially licensed Xbox drive offers branding elements. As matching the Xbox One X consoles and increases the console’s storage capacity to make room for all of your games and downloadable add-ons.

Seagate Xbox SSD set-up with USB 3.0 speed



Games played from the drive will perform just as if they were playing from the console’s internal hard drive.

While outside hard drives can be incredible for growing memory,. Games can now and then load a little slower from them. Gratefully, Seagate’s Xbox SSD can get games back to your console downloaded in around two minutes.

It additionally offers quicker read and write than a standard hard drive and Seagate is promising this external drive experience influences to feel as though your games are playing from your consoles inner hard drive. The fundamental downside is that while these SSD drives are sufficiently little to slip into your pocket, their energy implies they cost more.

The Game Drive for Xbox SSD range will dispatch later this late spring in the US. The autumn in the UK. US estimating will extend from $150 for the 500GB limit. $300 for 1TB limit and $600 for the 2TB limit.