Todays health: 10 best protein rich foods for weight loss

spinonews protein rich foods

Foods for weight loss

A healthy diet is nutritionally rich and low in sugar, salt or processed foods are perfect for a healthy body and mind. Those hoping to lose weight and build muscle, a diet rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates may work well. In addition, the amount of protein you must expend every day relies upon your body arrangement and aggregate body weight. For todays health tip, we present some protein rich foods.

Protein rich foods

  • Boiled eggs- 13g of proteins (1 boiled egg)
  • Walnuts- 15g of proteins (100 gm of walnuts)
  • Chickpeas- 19g of proteins (in 100gms)
  • Tofu- have 9gof high quality proteins (100gms)
  • Lentils- 9g of proteins (100gms)
  • Pistachios- 20g of proteins (100gms)
  • Oats- 17g of proteins (100gms)
  • Black beans- 21g of proteins (100gms)
  • Yogurt- 10g of proteins (100gms)
  • Tuna- 30g of proteins (100gms)