Todays health tip: How Guava benefits for skin?

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Guava benefits

The seasonal fruit Guava is a delicious, and known not only for its taste, but also present nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The guava benefits has not just limited to health as there are also some skin benefits of guava.

Vitamin K helps in treating skin discoloration problems. The antioxidant lycopene helps in shielding your skin against the damaging UV rays.

The fruit contains about 80% of water, it helps in keeping your skin hydrated and supple.  While, Vitamin c plays a role in preventing dry skin.

A guava and egg yolk homemade scrub help in removing dead skin thus enhancing a natural composition just Benefits of Aloe Vera for beauty. The todays health tip is an antibacterial protection, making the skin fresh and free of bacteria.