Study finds Good sleepers suffering from Acute insomnia

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Acute insomnia (AI) is common among good sleepers, and about three-quarters of those with AI recover good sleep.

Acute insomnia is generally caused by situations involving stress or trauma. Chronic insomnia is generally a result of “medical conditions, medicines, sleep disorders, and substances.”

Amy Gencarelli, from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and colleagues obtained data for a national cohort of 1,435 subjects. Recruited and corroborated as good sleepers over the course of the first three months of the study.

25 percent of Americans who experience a period of severe insomnia each year

However, over one year, subjects monitored with daily sleep diaries. Regular assessments of participants’ daytime function, stress and life events, and medical and mental health.

Meanwhile, the researchers found that the incident rate of AI was 25 percent. Within 12 months, about 75 percent of subjects recovered good sleep. While 21 and about 6 percent remained poor sleepers with recurring episodes of AI and developed chronic insomnia, respectively.

Moreover, race, age, sex, body mass index, and income did not differ significantly between the groups.

The study presented at the annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies (SLEEP 2018), held from June 2 to 6 in Baltimore.

“These findings reveal new insights about the paths that acute insomnia takes and can inform interventions that target poor sleep and help people recover sustained sufficient sleep,” a coauthor said in a statement.