2019 Microsoft HoloLens 2 use Snapdragon XR1 chip

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2019 Microsoft HoloLens 2

Microsoft ready to launch the next version of its HoloLens AR headset in early 2019. In the HoloLens 2, the tech giant using Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon XR1 chip.

The XR1 processor is a mobile chip optimized for extended reality (XR), an umbrella term that covers AR, VR, and mixed reality. The chip targets mainstream devices to provide high-quality XR experiences without having to invest in high-priced hardware. While, the chip mostly optimized for AR powered by artificial intelligence.

The XR1 chip also supports head tracking, spacial sound, and 4K video up to 60 FPS. A dedicated AI engine handling machine learning workload on devices.

Snapdragon XR1 chip

While, the XR1 chip is not suggest for smartphones. Instead, Meta, HTC’s Vive division, Pico, and Vuzix have already implemented XR1 bandwagon to deliver new items, such as the next-generation Vuzix Blade headset for AR.

HoloLens 2
Source: technobuffalo

As of now, Microsoft has two HoloLens groups. The $5,000 Commercial Suite and the less expensive $3,000 Development Edition. The New Edition designed for individual AR application developers even though the headset used widely in medical, retail, manufacturing, and different enterprises. The Commercial Suite includes enterprise-focused highlights like remote administration to the developer focused bundle.

A year ago, Microsoft affirmed that the next version of HoloLens will don a dedicated holographic handling unit (HPU) for AI processing to handle things like image a voice recognition without relying on the cloud.

HoloLens creator Alex Kipman affirmed that HoloLens 2 will pack the company’s Project Kinect sensor bundle, conveying new abilities to the headset. There is no official announcement for when HoloLens 2 will make its debut.