In Adolescents, Poor sleep associated with cardiovascular health

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Poor sleep associated with cardiovascular health

Sleep is essential for a healthy heart. Regardless of age and weight, people who don’t sleep enough are at higher risk for cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease. Now, a latest study from Massachusetts General Hospital shows, in adolescents, both quality and quantity of sleep had significant effects on cardiovascular health, such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and abdominal fat deposition.

Elsie Taveras, chief of the MGHfC Division of General Academic Pediatrics, says, many studies associated shorter sleep duration with increased obesity levels in children, few have examined effects on risk factors that are associations of sleep quality.

For examine, scientists focused on the amount of sleeping time and the level of sleep in 829 adolescent study participants. Through actigraphy, scientists measured the both night-time sleep and daily physical activity of participants over 7 to 10 days. The device, actigraphy, records the physical moment of person.

Participants average sleep duration

In the results, scientists showed that the average sleep duration of all participants is 7.35 hours per day, and only 2.2% face the recommended average sleep duration of their age group. For ages 11 to 13 slept 9 hours per day and for ages 14 to 17 slept 8 hours per day.

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According to the study, both shorter sleep duration and lower sleep efficiency associated with the levels of abdominal fat deposition, associations that remained after adjustments for physical activity, television viewing and consumption of fast foods or sweetened beverages.

Finally, scientists stated that, both sleep quantity and quality are the pillars of health also close to diet and physical activity. While, pediatricians should aware that poor sleep is related to increased cardiometabolic risk.