Google Android Messages app 3.3 update brings Material Design 2

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Android Messages app 3.3

A couple of days ago, Google releases an Android Messages app 3.3. The version brings a new features, improvements and optimizations. Also, Google included a hidden feature of the new Material Design 2, redesign of Android Messages.

While, material design provides a look to the android apps. Now, Google has come up with a much-improved Material Design 2 for the Messages app. Already, some apps get Material Design 2 update, includes Google News and Google One.

The Dark Mode feature adds in the new design. The dark mode feature gives a smooth look in the dark, and currently not available in app, but it will soon make its way to the app with further updates. However, the whole Material Design 2 is not available for who updates to the latest app version.

Material Design 2
Source: XDA developers

Enable Material Design 2 on Android Messages

While, to enable the all-new Material Design 2 on Android Messages, users will need a rooted device as of now. While, if your device is already rooted then you can enable the new design.

  • First, you should install MiXplorer app from XDA developers
  • Next, open the app and go to the root section
  • Go to the directory /data/data/
  • Open file PhenotypePrefs.xml. In the popup menu open select editor and next select code editor.
  • On the top right corner, tap on the three dots and select find. Then select search for bugle__phenotype_enable_m2.
  • By default, the value is set to False. Set this to True.
  • Then go back to Find option and search bugle_phenotype_enable_phenotype_override and set this True.

After completing the process, close the MiXplorer app and then go to Settings>Apps>Android Messages>Force Stop. Now, re-open the app you will see the Material Design 2 redesign.

Make a note that, don’t swipe the app in recent tabs, otherwise it will go backs to original design.