First EyeMax Mono lens implant surgery performed for AMD disease

spinonews EyeMax Mono lens implant surgery
Micro chirurgia oculare

EyeMax Mono lens implant surgery

For the treatment of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), LEH Pharma Ltd, a U.K. based innovative medical device company announces the EyeMax Mono lens implant surgery successfully performed in Argentina. EyeMax Mono is the world’s first micro-incision injectable Extended Macular Lens Implant.

AMD, an eye related disease that affects the macula, the central part of the retina, and causes blindness. Around the world nearly 200 million people above 60 affected by AMD.

Helpful for all types of AMD

Now, a unique optics of the EyeMax lens optimizes the quality image provided over the macula, allowing patients to make use of retina functions that would get a blurred image. While, this is the only treatment for all types of AMD.

EyeMax Mono lens implant surgery
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Ophthalmologist Dr Hugo Nano in Buenos Aires, Argentina, said, the EyeMax Mono lens surgery implanted in both eyes. It improves the patient’s vision in both dry and stable wet AMD. The product delivered through a simple cataract surgery and approved for sale in 34 countries across the world.

Dr. Hugo Nano said, the operation got success, and the patient will have their quality of life improved by LEH Pharma’s technology. He also stated, AMD is one of the main causes of vision loss in the Argentinian population. So, this new treatment option becomes available through such a straightforward, quick operation.

Dr. Bobby Qureshi, the CEO of LEH Pharma, stated that, the EyeMax Mono lens now available to patients in Argentina, for vision and a better healthy life.