Todays Health Tip: Get rid of Stress with 5 Natural Senses

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The Natural senses in the human body can be utilized for relieving stress in home. These five senses help decrease cortisol and stress levels in short span of time for good health.

5 Natural senses in human body


Enhance the power of any fragrant stress fighter with natural sense smell by inhaling very deeply. This technique contracts the muscles in your diaphragm and improves the flow of oxygen in your body. Take deep, slow breaths through your nose and visualize the air going into your lungs. You should see your belly inflating and deflating. For example lemon fragrance boosts energy.


People eat chocolate and candy during times of stress. But they don’t really pay attention to eating it. So, if you’re going to indulge, do it mindfully. When you make an effort to taste the sweetness, you get a lot more satisfaction and will actually feel better. And when you truly enjoy a treat, you’ll often find just a spoonful will do the trick.


Only the music listeners didn’t experience a spike in cortisol levels. Listening to your favorite music in the night before sleep relieves stress. Sounds of nature have also been shown to boost stress recovery, so step outside and tune in or consult your phone for sounds of birds chirping or water flowing.


Even looking at something as small as a potted plant can help lower stress.  Another study tracked stress levels in London city workers before and after they went to an art gallery. After soaking up some with one of the important sense seeing Matisse and Picasso, the workers returned to their jobs and reported feeling less frazzled. Tests confirmed their cortisol levels had dropped.


While breathing deeply, knead your neck, shoulder and upper-back muscles. You don’t have to do it for long. A mini self-massage while waiting at a red light can loosen you up. Even soothing textures can help.