Toyota Century Most Luxurious limousine, a Rolls Royce competitor

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Toyota has just introduced a new Toyota Century the most exclusive car in Japan. Introduced in 1967 and named for the 100th birthday of company founder Sakichi Toyoda, the Century defines top-tier Japanese luxury,

As notable luxury exempted from national limitations on vehicle and motor size. It can’t be acquired in an average dealership, however just at particular stores, and just by invitation. The cost is only 12 million yen, or $100,000. The ruler of Japan is chauffeured around in a modified Century.


The luxury motor is a 5.0-liter V8 motor with supplementary electric engine to frame a half breed framework creating 425bhp altogether. This framework replaces a V12 that highlighted in the earlier Century and accomplishes 38.4mpg on the Japanese test cycle. Execution figures have not disclosed.

However, the way the Toyota Century hand-manufactured relied upon to convey a weighty premium over the brand’s different mass-delivered models. A value well into six figures is sure. The auto’s identification alone, a phoenix, takes a month and a half to etch.


Advanced sound proofing technology

Moreover, The new auto gets more present day security innovations,. Including Toyota’s Safety Sense pack, which comprises of a pre-crash system, cruise control, path takeoff cautioning, automated lights and street sign detection. Soundproofing sits high on the motivation while developing the Century, while system to restrain motor noise and vibration additionally fitted. The back mainstay of the auto made more upright to give spectators a more prominent feeling of noteworthiness of the back travelers, says Toyota.


The new Toyota Century’s wheelbase increments by 65mm to 3090mm to give more back. To help section and leave, the auto sits lower to the floor by 15mm. At 5335mm long, it’s 110mm longer than the expanded wheelbase Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and is 1930mm wide and 1505mm tall.

Once in the back, the left-hand traveler in the new Century has an electric expanding leg rest. An knead situate and a 11.3in amusement framework with 20 speakers and a 7.0 in touchpad control module.

The order books are now open for the new Century.